Management Residential Properties Ottawa – Why We Are Different

Our approach to Ottawa property management of residential properties in Ottawa is centered around maximizing the return on investment for our clients. Our primary focus is keeping each of our clients’ units tenanted. A vacant unit is lost revenue that cannot be reclaimed.

Our agents actively screen the Ottawa market to ensure that the shifts and latest trends are identified.

This allows us to act accordingly to set rental values at their maximum potential while keeping them competitive to ensure minimal vacancy.

We believe that the key to ensuring that all units are occupied starts with selecting the right tenants. This is an area where Strongback Property Management has become very proficient. Every potential tenant is thoroughly screened through our time tested process.

Our fee structure also sets us apart from other property management companies.
Management Residential Properties Ottawa

Our fee structure is purposely designed to ensure that our clients’ financial interests are directly in line with our financial interests. In general, “If you’re not getting paid, neither are we”.

Our clients enjoy a wide range of services including aggressive advertizing of vacant units, prompt processing of all leasing inquires, thorough screening of potential tenants, execution of leases and 24/7 emergency repair service.

Emergency maintenance calls are available for urgent tenant issues and the protection of client property.

Rents are collected in trust and deposited monthly into our clients’ accounts to ensure accurate cash flow management.

Payment of property taxes, utilities and all invoices and insurance will be completed in a timely fashion by our qualified staff.

To find out why we are the right Ottawa property management company for your residential rental investment property, please contact us today to learn more about our Property Managers and Payment

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