Frequently Asked Questions

Our staff at Strongback Property Management are here to help make your time renting as easy and enjoyable as possible. If you have any questions or need help with something in your unit contact us.

Service Requests:

If you have a service related question or need something attended to, please submit a task request through Buildium by logging in through your personal tenant login or send an e-mail with your unit #, name, phone number and problem occurring to: info@strongbackpm.com

A member of our Service Department will be in contact with you soon after receiving your e-mail request.


The Application for Tenancy will be sent to the tenant(s) electronically upon request after completing a showing. If a tenant(s) requires a paper copy, please inform a member of our team. Once complete, the tenant(s) can scan and e-mail or mail the completed application to STRONGBACK PROPERTY MANAGEMENT. Arrangements for it to be picked up can be made under extenuating circumstances. Requirements for a submitted application to be processed and considered the application(s) must be completed, signed and submitted with a deposit of 1 month’s rent (applied to last month’s rent upon application approval). Deposits can be made by cash, E-mail money transfer or Certified Cheque/Money Order. Once a fully completed application and deposit is received STRONGBACK PROPERTY MANAGEMENT holds the apartment until a decision on the application is reached.

If an application or group of applications is not approved, the tenant(s) will be notified immediately and the application deposit returned within a maximum of 24 hours.

You will be notified in writing within 72 hours of submitting application and deposit. At that time, arrangements will be made to review and sign a lease. The lease will need to be signed by all residents who will be residing in the unit over the age of 18. You will need to pay first month’s rent on or before the day the tenant(s) move in, as well as show proof of utility accounts (if applicable).

Rules regulating the “breaking” of a lease can be found in the Residential Tenancies Act of Ontario, or speaking with a STRONGBACK PROPERTY MANAGEMENT representative. There are various options available that can ensure no legal actions are brought against the tenant(s) for breaching any terms of the lease.

The Residential Tenancies Act of Ontario requires that tenant(s) who rent on a monthly basis (meaning rent is paid monthly), are required to give a minimum of 60 days written notice prior to ending tenancy. In the event that the tenant(s) are within the original term of the tenant(s) 12 month lease, the earliest a tenant(s) can submit this written notice is 60 days prior to the expiration of the term.

It is very highly recommended that the tenant(s) have tenant insurance. This protects the tenant(s) in various situations that may occur- and is usually a very nominal monthly fee. This can be obtained through a variety of insurance providers and through all major banks. It is not included in the tenant(s) rent or provided through STRONGBACK PROPERTY MANAGEMENT.

In the event that a rent payment is not received on time a N4 will be issued to the tenant(s). This official notice indicates the tenant(s) are delinquent in paying rent and also provides detailed instructions on what actions are required to be taken to avoid further escalation. This notice is the first step in the official eviction process through the Landlord & Tenant Board for nonpayment or continuously late payment of rent.

Rent is due before the end of the business day the 1st of each month.

STRONGBACK PROPERTY MANAGEMENT prefers to receive post dated cheques however, other acceptable payment methods include certified cheques and rent paid through TenantPay (direct payment from the tenant(s) bank). A STRONGBACK PROPERTY MANAGEMENT representative can provide a tenant(s) with the required information to set this payment method up. Cheques should be made payable to Strongback Property Management- unless instructed otherwise.

A sublet is used when a tenant(s) leased a rental unit from a landlord and chooses to rent that unit to third party. There are several reasons that a sublet may be desired however as a tenant(s) who is bound under the terms of a lease the tenant(s) will be required to manage communication and rent collection from that person. As STRONGBACK PROPERTY MANAGEMENT is engaged solely through the terms of the lease with the tenant(s), all communication will only be with the tenant(s). Even when subletting, the tenant(s) are legally responsible for the unit this includes non-payment of rent, damage or a sub-letters interference with other tenants or neighbors. For these reasons all sub-letters must be approved by STRONGBACK PROPERTY MANAGEMENT in writing prior to a sub-letter gaining permanent entry into the unit.


Every tenant(s) in the building has the responsibility to maintain the general cleanliness of their unit to avoid issues with pests and rodents and to not interrupt the enjoyment of the unit or building by other tenants. Further, common areas should be kept free of tenant belongings so as not to clutter common areas or violate fire code. Common areas and spaces will be maintained by STRONGBACK PROPERTY MANAGEMENT or a contracted company. Tenants are expected to replace light bulbs and batteries in smoke detectors along with maintaining a neat and clean unit.  STRONGBACK PROPERTY MANAGEMENT is responsible for regular maintenance and the repair due to normal wear and tear.

As a courtesy and during regular business hours- Monday- Friday 8 am- 5 pm- the tenant(s) can call  STRONGBACK PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, or send a service request through Buildium; or send an e-mail to info@strongbackpm.com. After regular business hours, the tenant(s) will have to contact a locksmith, and the tenant(s) will have to pay the cost associated with this.

Any damage as a result of misuse, neglect or failure to report a maintenance issue in a timely manner shall be professionally repaired by the tenant(s) or will be repaired by STRONGBACK PROPERTY MANAGEMENT however, the cost of these repairs will be the responsibility of the tenant(s).

Call 911 first. When the tenant(s) are in a safe location, call STRONGBACK PROPERTY MANAGEMENT during business hours or call the emergency line at 1-844-342-0033.

The tenant(s) should remove garbage and recycling from the tenant(s)s unit and placing it in the designated areas on or before the date of collection. For a calendar of when waste is picked up visit the following sites appropriate for your area.

The City of Ottawa’s web-site:

Send a service request through Buildium; or send an e-mail to info@strongbackpm.com. List the details of the repair, unit #, and the tenant(s) contact information. An STRONGBACK PROPERTY MANAGEMENT representative will contact the tenant(s) to further assess the level of repair and urgency of the situation. After hours please call the emergency line at 1-844-342-0033.  If the tenant(s) contacts a service company directly, the tenant(s) will be responsible for paying for those services.

Tenants will always be provided 24 hours notice prior to STRONGBACK PROPERTY MANAGEMENT entering a unit, except in emergency situations where a reasonable effort to contact the tenant(s) has been attempted. This notice can be provided through a phone call, email, text or a formal letter in the place where the tenant(s) regularly receives mail. A tenant(s) can allow STRONGBACK PROPERTY MANAGEMENT to enter sooner.

Tenants can submit a service request through Buildium; or send an e-mail to info@strongbackpm.com listing the details of the repair, unit #, and the tenant(s) contact information. An STRONGBACK PROPERTY MANAGEMENT representative will contact the tenant(s) to further assess the level of repair and urgency of the situation.