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Top-Quality Property Management Services in Ottawa, Ontario

First-Class Quality Property Management  in Ottawa, Ontario

Running a quality property management in Ottawa on your own can be quite an overwhelming and time-consuming responsibility. That’s the reason professional property management can be such a lifesaver for many. Strongback property management services can make taking care of your investment a much easier, smoother and more efficient process. We specialize in professional property management service in Ottawa, Ontario that can bring a lot to the equation. Some of our areas of expertise are development, construction, leasing and even asset management. Owners can turn to us for assistance with the management of all different types of properties. Examples are commercial, residential, hospitality and retail properties. If you’re searching for a local company that can help you run an apartment complex in Ottawa, our management aficionados can save the day. We frequently serve owners who are in charge of apartment structures that have multiple units.

Ottawa Property Management You Can Count On

Top-Quality Property management service in Ottawa Ontario enthusiastically caters to all kinds of owners here. Some of our owners are people who don’t mind getting their hands dirty and taking care of all the little details for their clients when the need strikes. We also have clients, however, who prefer to leave all the management work to others. It doesn’t matter which category you’re in. You can depend on us for property management assistance that’s detail-oriented, and that can give you an unrivaled degree of confidence and security. Clients can rely on us for all kinds of property management requests. Do you want to figure out how exactly to boost your revenue? Regular operation assessments are a way of life for us. Clients can count on us for everything from lease evaluations to tenant account examinations. Cutting cuts is always a top priority for property owners as well. That’s the reason our company is continually searching for options that can help our clients save big. We make use of innovative energy management concepts and practices. Our team members go through contracts tendered on a routine basis. They stay updated on all of the latest market rent amounts, too. Doing so can help guarantee that our clients are optimizing revenue via tenant renewals and vacant leases.

Tenant Happiness Always Means a Lot to Us

We understand fully just how vital tenant happiness is to property owners. When you need Ottawa property management assistance that consistently stresses the value of complete tenant satisfaction, our company is the right solution for you. Our team members are always paying attention to tenant thoughts. If a tenant has a problem with anything, we make a point to address the matter quickly and in an efficient and hassle-free manner. Round-the-clock service is a focal point for our team. Our team members are on hand 24 hours, seven days a week to assist tenants with emergency situations. Our clients’ tenants never have to feel vulnerable or at a loss for what to do. Taking care of urgent tenant situations is always our number one priority.

Exhaustive Site Management Assistance

Strongback Quality Property management service  comprehensive site management service is available to any and all apartments for rent in ottawa. Our team members perform routine inspection work that can promise smooth sailing for your property. We’re always on the lookout for potential signs of inefficiency. If we notice any issue, we nip it in the bud as soon as possible. Physical maintenance work is one of our responsibilities. We prepare, set up and orchestrate any and all vital physical upkeep tasks. Clients can turn to us for meticulous assistance with property renovation and remodeling arrangements, available unit marketing, service contract assessments and so much more. When you need thorough assistance with property maintenance documentation, rental advertising, rent collection, deposit collection and beyond, a strongback team members can tend to you 100 percent.

Reach Out to Our Full-Service Property Management Firm Today

Quality property management isn’t easy to find in Ottawa. It actually isn’t easy to find anywhere. That’s why our Full-Service Property Management Firm in Ottawa is such a catch. We specialize in  apartments for rent in ottawa property management services that’s detail-oriented, all-encompassing, efficient and dependable. Call our cordial staff as soon as you can to learn more about our property management work. Phone us without hesitation to request additional details. We’re Ottawa’s greatest property management specialists. Call Us613-915- 7990 Learn more about our top-quality property management services in Ottawa


We are also proud to offer a custom management solution for owners wishing to have a more hands on approach to the management of their asset but would like assistance where required by our qualified staff. Custom packages can be tailored to your needs.


Some of our clients are happy with the day to day management of their property but call on us for tenant turnovers. We are proud to offer a per-unit leasing option for those clients. For clients who may benefit from our experience in advertising, tenant screening and lease execution. There is a onetime fee for these services.


This option is for clients who are interested in taking advantage of all our services from rent collection and bookkeeping to 24-hour service and lease execution. Learn more about our property management fees


  • Rent Collection in Trust
  • Payment of all Invoices and Utility Bills
  • Monthly and Annual Reports
  • Property Maintenance Records
  • Schedule/Coordinate Maintenance Contractors
  • Cash Flow Management
  • 24/7 Tenant Emergency Response
  • Landlord Tenant Board Representation
  • Preparation and Service of LTB Notices
  • Bi-Annual Unit Inspections
  • Resolving Tenant Conflicts / Concerns


  • Aggressive Rental Advertisement
  • Receive Lease Inquiries 24/7
  • Schedule/Coordinate Property Showings
  • Complete Rental Application Process
  • Thorough tenant screening selection including but not limited to:
    • Credit checks
    • Employment references
    • Previous landlord and residency references
  • Lease Execution
  • Collection of rental deposits

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